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Evelyne Aymon came into the world in five days the 1st of February in 2013, thanks to a unique idea.
Actually Mrs Evelyne was born long time before, but this is another story…
As often happens to those enlightening ideas that arise overnight, the morning after they soon crash with reality. In this story reality is the generational gap between Evelyne and her daughter Fulvia, just back from from a life experience in Asia and eager to create something really new.
In the end everything happens in 5 days and nights, where Fulvia takes apart the historic shop of her mother and reinvents it specializing in one only subject: the headband. The headband itself, completely handmade, becomes the main character of the shop and today you can find more than 1.500 different examples to choose among.
Wearing an Evelyne Aymon is becoming part of this world.
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